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What Is Trading Master Plan?

Here’s just a small preview of what you’re about to learn in the Trading Master Plan:

  • How Understand & Utilize highly profitable Japanese candlestick charts and patterns. You’ll be able to get in trades earlier and exit with more profit and higher reward to risk ratios.
  • You’ll learn supply and demand concepts that move the markets. I will show you how to ride waves of demand up and sell when it begins to fade. Take advantage of novice traders who make the same mistakes over and over again.
  • I’ll show you the core concept of price cycles. Using this concept will keep you on the right side of a trade every time. You’ll be amazed how much easier trading becomes when you stay on the side of the power and let the river take you upstream.
  • You’ll get in depth training and understanding of core technical analysis concepts. You’ll know when to buy and when to sell before you enter a trade. Just using support and resistance is the basis for hundreds of successful trading systems.
  • I will teach you 8 dynamic buy and sell setups that are proven to work and have stood the test of time. Combined with the money management rules you’ll be stacking the odds in your favor BIGTIME this isn’t gambling, this is trading with an edge.
  • Discover how to strategically place your stop loss and save yourself from huge losses right out the gate. With your proper stop loss and risk management in place you’ll have the confidence to follow your plan knowing that the odds in your favor.
  • Also features my 23 trading rules that I use to trade in today’s markets. These rules have made and saved me thousands of dollars, some of them I learned the hard way… but you don’t have to.
  • I will give you my unbelievable proprietary profit taking formula that will skyrocket your profits.It’s super simple to use and gives you the ability to exit near the top of huge moves and the best part there’s absolutely no guess work… it tells you exactly what price to sell at (what’s that worth to you?)

PLUS, you get all these BONUSES…

  • 15 Case Studies from Actual Trades. These visual journals come packed with valuable trading knowledge. Learn to read supply and demand by examining the details from these trades.
  • Members Access To Trading Video Lessons. You will have instant “MEMBERS ONLY” access to a growing library of trading video tutorials, chart lessons and mp3 audios and Ebooks.
  • Money Management Calculator Software. This amazing tool will… Automate your trading, freeing up more of your time. Maximize your profitable trades, while minimizing any losing trades

…and much, much more!

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Add to Cart -10 Day Trial – $4.95


Add to Cart -One Time Price of $49.95


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I’m so certain that you’ll love Trading Master Plan that I’m willing to offer you my 100% Risk-Free guarantee.

Grab your copy today and put it to use. If it doesn’t absolutely transform your trading results then just send it back for a full and cheerful refund. In fact, feel free to return Trading Master Plan if you are unhappy for any reason at all. If you don’t like the color of the book- send it back!

How can I make such a confident offer? Because I’m so certain that this program is the most powerful available and I know you’re going to love it.

Additionally, feel free to keep the included “Trading Master Plan” Guide just as my way of saying “thanks” for giving my training a try.

This is 100% Risk-Free for you.

Fair Enough?

Thanks for your investment, and I’ll see you in the members area!

All the best,

P.S. Remember, like all my trainings you get a full 60-day guarantee. So if for some reason you’re not happy, just let us know and we’ll give you a refund.

That said, this guarantee is here to make you feel good about your order today…I don’t for one second think you’ll need to use it. :o)

Check Out The Comments From Our Happy Customers!


“…Understanding the concepts of the market cycle and psychology of investors was very important for me. It gave me more confidence in playing the short side of the market.

I Shorted AMD July 13th. entry @ $22.50.

Covered on July 21st @ $18.75, a profit of 21%…

- Sravan, India

“…I always had a problem with position size. Should I buy 300 or 500 shares?? After reading section 3 of Trading Master Plan it was very clear to me.

I paid for the course on just one trade. I bought 1000 shares of SUNW on Monday Sep 11th @ $4.92. Exited $5.25 on Sep 15th for $330.00 profit before commissions…”

- Ali el-Salahi, Toronto, Canada

“…My very first trade that I implemented using your strategies, gave me a profit of $1200 in just 6 days.

I was skeptical at first but now I’m a believer. Having a trading plan is a necessity for anyone looking to invest in the markets – I can’t imagine not using a plan for my trades…”

- Tom G., Campbellton, New Brunswick

“…In the last month I have traded in and out of AMX twice following one of the setups and have more than paid for the book.

Bought 8/25 @ 37.07 sold 8/31 @ 38.00

Bought 9/12 @ 36.87 sold 9/19 @ 38.50

Thanks Dave…”

- Bill Gropp, South Carolina

“…I have purchased other books before, but they usually teach about one strategy & money management, its good but Trading Master Plan is fully comprehensive & covers the basics & advance technical analysis, money & risk management & more.

On 14/December I entered a long position in CAL at 17.84 after a breakout from 5 days consolidation. I made a profit of 13.39% in 3 days.

I entered GLG on August 30 at 39.15 I closed the trade on August 31 at 46.15. Another 18% profit in only 1 trading day!

I entered a short position in PSUN on June 8 at $19.86 I covered the position on August 11 at $14.15. A 29% profit.

Many thanks Dave for such a great product…”

- Gilbert Esper, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Add to Cart -10 Day Trial – $4.95


Add to Cart -One Time Price of $49.95